Up to four pre-doc positions financed via the VSM

Job Description:

The announcement comprises up to four PhD positions financed by the University of Vienna via the VSM (Vienna School of Mathematics). We are looking for independent scientists with a strong interest in research. For the purpose of this announcement, the VSM has asked its supervisors to submit proposals for directions for PhD projects, the collected suggestions are listed below. The aim for filling the up to four announced positions is to find excellent combinations of candidates and projects. Therefore, an application is only possible for specific projects from that list. Each candidate is allowed to apply for at most three of the projects. Responsibilities include participation in the research activities, the independent teaching of courses (holding classes due to extent regulations of wage agreement) and conducting of examinations as well as participation in teaching evaluations and in administrative tasks.
We expect the successful candidate to sign a doctoral thesis agreement within 12-13 months, to become a member of the VSM and to actively participate in its activities and its administration. Each of the announced positions is planned to be for 4 years; the initial employment duration will be 1.5 years and the employment will automatically be extended to a duration of 4 years unless the employer issues a non-extension notice within the first 12 months of the employment.
The envisaged employment date is October 1, 2023, in special cases earlier starting may be possible. The master study has to be completed before the beginning of the employment, this must be conceivable at the time of the application.


Diploma or master degree in mathematics, high level of competence in the area of mathematics appropriate for the chosen project(s). Excellent command of written and spoken English. The application documents should contain: Applicants will not be entitled to any refund of expenses incurred because of the application process.


We are looking foward to getting your application via the application portal by April 21, 2023. In order to access the application portal, you need to create a u:account (please find further information on that here).

List of proposed (directions for) projects:

The proposals are listed in alphabetical order (by the name of the supervisor).
  1. Towards a Geometric Understanding of the Space of Stochastic Processes (Supervisors: Julio Backhoff, Mathias Beiglböck)
  2. Frame Theory for Understanding Neural Networks (Supervisors: Peter Balazs, Martin Ehler)
  3. Fast Continuous Time Dynamics for Monotone Inclusions (Supervisor: Radu I. Boţ)
  4. Higher Order Mixing in Parabolic Dynamics (Supervisor: Henk Bruin)
  5. Low-Rank Tensor Decompositions in Scientific Machine Learning (Supervisors: Vladimir Kazeev, Philipp Petersen)
  6. Combinatorics (Supervisor: Christian Krattenthaler)
  7. Distributional and Synthetic Curvature Bounds (Supervisor: Michael Kunzinger)
  8. Topics from the Langlands Program (Supervisor: Alberto Mínguez)
  9. Deep Neural Network Learning of Functions with Distributed Singularities (Supervisor: Philipp Petersen)
  10. Repulsive Point Processes in Functional and Signal Analysis (Supervisor: José Luis Romero)
  11. Basic and Elliptic Appell Hypergeometric Series (Supervisor: Michael J. Schlosser)
  12. Mathematical Structure of Tensor Network States (Supervisor: Norbert Schuch)
  13. Quantum Many-Body Problems for Near Term Quantum Computers (Supervisor: Norbert Schuch)
  14. Synthetic Singularity Theorems in Lorentzian Length Spaces (Supervisor: Roland Steinbauer)
  15. Rare Events – Probabilistic Laws from Deterministic Dynamics (Supervisor: Roland Zweimüller)