The VSM runs a mentoring program for its student members. Our aim is that all student members have a mentor at the end of the first semester of  membership in the VSM. There are no fixed requirements for activities, the initial aim of the program is to supply students with a second default contact person among faculty members apart form the advisor. This opens the opportunity to get additional guidance through the study,  a „second opinion“ on general questions of academic life, an an additional possible contact in case of problems. Therefore, it is not necessary that the mentor is scientifically close the the thesis project of the student, so again there are no formal rules in this direction. We encourage the advisors  of the VSM to also be available as mentors and usually this works out well. Student members who have a suggestion for a mentor can simply inform us via mail to, we will contact the chosen mentor then. If you need assistance for choosing a mentor, please contact

VO Theory of Distributions

Giovanni di Fratta, Dirk Praetorius / TU Wien

VO Non-local operators

Markus Faustmann / TU Wien

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