Each student member of the VSM has to be enrolled in the doctoral program of one of the two participating Universities and study according to the curriculum of that University. For the University of Vienna, the basic information on admission is avialble here, for the TU Wien here.

The successful candidates for positions in the joint announcements of the VSM (after admission) automatically become student members of the VSM. In addition, Advisors of the VSM can suggest their students, who are enrolled at one of the participating Universities as student members. So if you are enrolled as a student already and would like to become a member of the VSM, please contact you advisor. 

In any case, the admission procedure for the doctoral program in mathematics of the relevant University has to be completed before you can become a student member of the VSM.  At both Universities, a confirmation of supervision by a faculty member is needed for the application for admission. So before applying for admission, you’ll have to search for advisors who work in the direction you want to follow in the doctoral study. You then have to contact them to check whether they are willing to supervise you. For each participating University, you find below suggestions on how to start such a search.

At the University of Vienna, the faculty of mathematics has no institutes but is structured according to (rather large) so-called key research areas, see the webpage on research of the faculty. The natural starting point for looking for an advisor thus are the web pages of the appropriate key research areas as listed (alphabetically) here.

Remark: The second and third areas currently are presented jointly on the webpage as the former area „computational science“.