PhD Colloquia

December 4, 2019 – Sky Lounge, OMP1
3 pm: PhD Colloqium – Philipp Kniefacz: Sharp Sobolev Inequalities via Projection Averages

In this talk we present a family of sharp Sobolev-type inequalities obtained from averages of the length of i-dimensional projections of the gradient of a function. This family has both the classical Sobolev inequality (for i = n) and the affine Sobolev-Zhang inequality (for i = 1) as special cases as well as a recently obtained Sobolev inequality of Haberl and Schuster (for i = n – 1). Moreover, we identify the strongest member in our family of analytic inequalities which turns out to be the only affine invariant one among them.

Please find detailed information here.

October 23, 2019 – Sky Lounge, OMP 1
2 pm: VSM Info Day
3 pm: PhD Colloquium – Alexander Pichler: An introduction to virtual element methods for the Helmholtz problem

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