Deadline for Application: June 15, 2020

Currently, the following PhD positions are advertised, each associated to one of the two universities as detailed in the list below. Please find here a document with general information. The successful candidates will become members of the Vienna School of Mathematics and are expected to actively contribute to its activities. The extent of employment is 30 hours per week. Candidates who want to apply for more than one position must apply separately for each position by following the corresponding indicated procedure. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

1. Numerical Algorithms for Nonsmooth Optimization (University of Vienna, Supervisor: R.I. Boț)
Detailed description, Application via VGSCO

2. Differential geometry with a focus on parabolic geometries (University of Vienna, Supervisor: A. Cap)
Detailed description, Application via email

3. Structured numerical methods for PDEs based on low-rank tensor decompositions and artificial neural networks (University of Vienna, Supervisor: V. Kazeev)
Detailed description, Application in the Job Center

4. Descriptive Set Theory (University of Vienna, Supervisor: B. D. Miller
Detailed description, Application in the Job Center

5. Optimization Techniques in Data Science, with Applications to Molecular Chemistry (University of Vienna, Supervisor: A. Neumaier)
Detailed description, Application via VGSCO

6. Computational nonlinear PDES (TU Wien, Supervisor: D. Praetorius)
Detailed description

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