Each student member of the VSM has to be enrolled in the doctoral program of one of the two participating Universities and follow the regulations of the appropriate curriculum. In particular, the amount of required coursework is different at the two Universities.

Whether courses can be acknowledged for the doctoral program depends on the  dissertation agreement, so be sure to check back with your advisor before selecting courses. 

If you are enrolled at one of the Universities and want to attend courses at the other University, you have to co-register at that university. This is a simple procedure, the necessary information is available via the following links.

At the University of Vienna, there are no separate courses for the doctoral program. There are some (research) seminars announced via the DSPL for the doctoral program (i.e. with a number starting with 51), but this is more of an organizational issue. In addition to seminars, the standard is to take topics courses for the master program, for which there is a large offer.  In the course directory, these courses are listed in Section 51 (doctoral program in mathematics).

Alternatively, they are listed in a more structured form according to the areas of specialization of our  master program in Section 25.05 (master mathematics) as follows.

At TU Wien, doctoral students are expected to take courses and seminars on the master or PhD level, see the Course Catalogue. The number of ECTS points should be at least 18, of which at most 6 ECTS points are obtained from exercise classes (UE, PR) and at most 6 ECTS points are obtained from seminars (SE, PV). The study program needs approval from the supervisor and the dean of academic affairs.